Bathroom Design Project in Cheshire

Jim and Barbara’s original bathroom was spacious and functional, but lacked the wow-factor.  So we created a haven of tranquillity, boasting beautiful natural travertine and polished porcelain surfaces.

 “We have been very pleased with Hannah’s service in all respects.  Our bedroom and bathroom are now a pleasure to live in and we look forward to working with Hannah on future projects”.


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Before Pictures


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Photographs by Joe Gardner Photography

 This unusual space deserved the best quality materials and an injection of light. I created a space which felt like a spa, featuring smooth travertine tiling, tumbled marble mosaics and lots of light-reflecting mirrors.  The most impressive aspect of this space, was the huge one-piece bevelled wall mirror surrounding the tiled porthole window.  It provides an essential mirror over the basin, whilst almost disappearing into the wall, and creating the illusion of never ending space and light – Hannah

Mirrors were also used in this space to provide clever hidden storage larders.  Whilst placed around the doorway, the mirrors still have an open and airy feel to them, reflecting all the other natural materials around the room.  The classic freestanding bath and simple china basin sit effortlessly next to polished marble countertops for an elegant and timeless design.  More bathroom inspiration

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