3 Ideas That Could Make Your Bathroom More Interesting


You might consider the redesign of your bathroom to be a boring or mundane process. All too often people take the time to choose great looking tiles without considering what is arguably the most important aspect of your bathroom – your suite or your storage.

In days gone by we actually took notice of our porcelain goods, selecting vibrant colours that reflected the colour palettes or overall themes of the our bathrooms. While we’re not actually suggesting investing in a bathroom suite of avocado green or peach, there are more than your average, traditionally styled white baths, toilets and basins to choose from amidst the modern portfolio of bathroom products. Here are three examples to help you with your bathroom design.

1. Experimenting with colour

While the actual basin and bath remain a timeless white in the majority of situations, you can inject a little colour into your space by selecting a bath panel or basin unit that suits your needs and matches your personality. You can purchase panels and units in colours ranging from natural wood to vibrant red or purple. Under-basin units are ideal for the modern bathroom because they add extra storage in addition to an injection of style; function and fashion all rolled into one.

2. Interesting baths

The usual bathroom includes a single-ended bath – one you can sit at one end of, with the taps located at the other. However with a double-ended bath the taps are located in the middle, allowing you the freedom to choose which end you sit at. Freestanding baths are also becoming more popular – these Victoriana inspired products are ideal for traditionally styled and larger spaces. They create a fabulous focal point in a room.

3. The throne

A loo is just a loo; isn’t it? Not necessarily. Today’s modern products come in an array of styles. Wall-mounted and back-to-wall toilets come with concealed cisterns that make the whole space look more streamlined. Close-coupled toilets enclose the waste pipe which, again, clears up your space and also makes for easier cleaning.

Bathroom suites offer an array of possibilities you might not have thought of, and if you’re spoilt for choice we can help you make a good decision. Contact Hannah Barnes Designs today to talk about your requirements.