5 Ways To Make Your New Bathroom Beautiful

Bathrooms are essentially a room based on function, but of course that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. With a few simple tweaks the most mundane bathroom can be made beautiful. Here are just a few ideas we’ve implemented in our recent projects.

The freestanding bath

When you have the space to fit one, the freestanding bath is an absolute must. This is a stunning piece of bathroom furniture that works well in a modern room, despite being something you might associate with more traditionally furnished homes. The gentle curvature of the bath’s exterior offer a softness and work well in conjunction with the pattern on the shower screen.


Bathroom screening is the ideal way to separate a room into distinct areas. For example, in this room you can see the use of two screen for different purposes. The patterned glass screens the bath from the toilet area allowing for enhanced privacy, while the transparent, barely there shower screen prevents the floor being flooded and allows the light to flood in.

The mounted basin

In this bathroom counter top Jack and Jill basins sit side by side. These angular basins are smart and modern in appearance. They provide a clean, streamlined contemporary style in a modern en-suite. Counter tops provide extra space for bathroom bits and bobs like makeup and toothbrushes.

The back-to-wall toilet

The back to wall toilet can be placed against a wall or furniture unit and boasts a concealed cistern which makes the room look and feel neater. It also allows for easier cleaning as there are no pipes on show.


More solid than wall mounted cabinets and shelves, recesses create interest as well as providing a functional storage area for soaps and shampoos.