What Colour Is Best For The Bathroom?

When you’re designing or updating your bathroom, you are faced with a multitude of options. Thankfully the days of avocado baths and coral toilets are long gone, so your major decision will be the walls, floor and any furniture. Your bathroom suite will most likely be white – a clean and crisp colour that works well in any setting, traditional or modern.

According to research, the UK prefers neutral tones when it comes to decorating the bathroom – in fact 36% of people surveyed preferred neutral shades according to a Virtual Bathrooms study.

In second place was a monochrome bathroom, with black and white gaining a 21% share of the vote.

As a nation, our third favourite is blue. Eighteen per cent of people chose this option as their bathroom favourite.

What this study displays is that people in the home environment are appreciative of the natural, calming shades neutrals bring to the bathroom. There are still a wealth of options available to choose from when you do select a neutral bathroom, for example do you want natural stone tiles or something with a little more sheen? Are you inclined towards wood tones for bathroom furniture, or is a high quality cream gloss more up your street?

The monochrome bathroom can be a stunning option with stark contrasts but still allowing you to brighten small rooms. We are seeing black taps and showers take hold of a small but noticeable corner of the market right now.

Blue is a great choice for the bathroom reflecting the colour of water. You have the option to bring bright vibrant tones into your space or something a little more muted depending upon your preferences.

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