Your Home And Your Bathroom

Every home has at least one bathroom but depending upon the age and size of your home these staple rooms may have obstacles to overcome and assets to make the most of.

New build/ modern homes

If your home is relatively new in age you might find that bathrooms are smaller in size but more plentiful in number than in older houses. This set up is great if you have a large family, and ideal for offering a convenient downstairs guest WC for visitors, but the main bathroom may lack space meaning storage can be an issue.

In terms of design, function and beauty can both be used to great effect even in a small bathroom space. Consider installing underbasin units to enhance your storage capacity without taking up masses of wall space. Slim, tall wall units and mirrored cabinets can also offer storage in small spaces, allowing you to hide away toothbrushes, soap and stores of loo roll and maintain a clutter-free environment.

Traditional homes

Slightly older homes such as your pre-war semis tend to offer more bathroom space but fewer separate loos. You may find your home has a big main bathroom but lacks a downstairs guest WC or ensuite.

If you are looking to modernise a traditional house it is always worth considering whether you can fit another bathroom in. Typically home-owners tend to transform the space under the stairs into a guest loo and bigger bedrooms allow for portions to be walled off to create ensuites.

These small second and third WCs may require you to invest in compact toilets and basins in order to fit them in and there are a number on the market to choose from.

Victorian houses

With Victorian homes you tend to get one of two things – either a grand bathroom space complete with stunning period features (from coving and cornices to fireplaces) or homes originally built with an outhouse.

With the former you can go all out with traditional freestanding baths and stunning period decor to complement the architecture. The latter may require a bit more thought as they can be small if taken off another room of the house, or located in a slightly strange position (ie extended from the back of the kitchen). It may be possible to relocate a bathroom or even install an ensuite if space allows. However, it also pays to ask for professional help beforehand to determine whether or not the location of your plumbing will allow for extra additions.

If you’re looking to design/redesign/add a bathroom of any size or stature and in any home, please talk to the team at Hannah Barnes Designs. We’re here to help you design a bathroom you’ll love.