3 Steps To Creating A Bedroom That’s Really You

Your bedroom is more than a space with a bed in it. Bedrooms are actually multifunctional living spaces where we do much more than sleep. They’re places we store our clothes, get ready for work or prepare for special events. They’re a space where we might read a book, watch TV, do yoga, write a novel, or practice the flute.

We might share our bedrooms, or have the space to ourselves. We might need space for a Moses basket, a king sized bed to accommodate night time visitors (small children and pets included), or have a desk that’s somewhere for your other half to work from when out of the office.

Whatever you do in your bedroom, it’s a special space to make your own. It’s important that your room remains stress-free and relaxing when you need it to be, as with all these potential activities going on it is all too easy to lose control. There’s nothing relaxing about a chaotic mess of a room, in which sleeping becomes nothing but a hazy dream.

So here are three steps to planning your perfect bedroom.

1. List the activities that take place in your bedroom.
This is the first step in effectively planning your space to meet your unique requirements. You might consider attempting to move some of these activities elsewhere or changing them. For example, could your flute practice occur in another room of the house, freeing up a corner from your music stand?

2. Map your space wisely

There are lots of different storage solutions available, allowing you to squirrel away your possessions in the most unusual fashion.Could your library of books be condensed into a single Kindle, allowing for the clothes storage space you and your partner so desperately require?

Look for inspiration on the internet, in furniture stores, or by asking for help from a professional interior designer (like Hannah).

3. Chuck (or recycle) what you don’t need
Finally, just because it is in your room now, it doesn’t mean you actually need it. Bedside lamps, for example, could just be taking up valuable space and could be replaced with beautiful and responsive LED solutions which can be changed in colour to suit your mood.

Your bedroom is exactly that – YOUR room. So make sure it is the room that you want, and need.