Boys Bedroom Project in Manchester

The brief for the larger bedroom was for 14 year old James to enjoy gaming with his friends, studying and to display all his sports trophies and football shirts.

We added an eclectic backdrop to the bed with pallet-style paneling to widen the room.  Distressed with tinted wood stain, they provide rustic charm to this modern grey interior.  To complete the focal wall, we added open wall boxes with bright yellow and charcoal grey backs for display items.  The modern gloss white furniture is timeless and sleek against all the other elements of the room.

A larger pallet wall allowed James to display his prized football shirts, whilst a made to measure curved desk sits two people in front of a wall mounted TV.  The fresh zingy yellows are cheerful bright, and the contemporary chevron prints add a fun geometric pattern. Yellow & Grey is one of my favourite colour combinations! – Hannah

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James’ younger brother, 9 year old George, wanted his bedroom to reflect his own personality… whilst being in direct competition with his older brother!  We took key elements from the larger bedroom, such as the pallet walls and white furniture but added more colours and a mini cooper printed blind to feel more youthful and individual.






Fun Fact: These were the last couple of rooms to do in this lovely home in Sale.  We have now completed the whole house and are looking forward to working for this family again in the future.  To view more of their home, click the links below:

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If your your children’s rooms could do with some of their personality, why not book a home consultation to see what we can create?