Fun, Feminine And Full Of Frivolity

In young people’s bedrooms, getting the balance between design and function can be challenging – especially because size can often be at a premium in modern homes.

However, challenges of this nature mean having to think outside the box (or think outside the boxroom, if you will) to ensure the space meets all the needs of its occupants, while still providing a sense of personality and style.

The room below might be compact but it is full of fun, with a dedicated space for sleeping, an area for studying, and plenty of innovative storage to boot. Let’s explore.

The bed – lounge by day, sleep by night

Adding a colourful collection of scatter cushions to the bed provides a dual purpose, allowing it to be used for lounging upon during the day and sleeping on by night. The purple palate of the room is reflected in the hue of these cushions, with some splashes of yellow, intriguing patterned pieces and contrasting textures to provide interest.

Funky design

We love the pompoms hanging from the ceiling, which though they are simple, add a really fun element to this quirky design. Similarly, the name made from mismatching letter fonts,which stands on top of a shelf helps personalise the space. However, because it is high up, it adds impact without causing irritating clutter in spaces that need to be used for work.

Studying and storage

It’s not always easy to fit enough storage space into a youthful space, but in this room we’ve managed a large wardrobe, chest of drawers, wall mounted bookshelves and a small desk. The divide between work and play is clear, with perpendicular bookshelves mounted over the desk, and curved softer shelves over the bed on the opposite wall. The double wardrobe with sliding door provides plenty of hanging space without causing issues with doors that swing outwards taking up floor space.

We think this is a beautiful room full of fun and function – perfect for growing up in. Let us know what you think!