Helpful Home Organisation Hints And Tips

An organised home can be the difference between stressful and stress-free living. There is nothing quite as irritating as waking up to an environment where everything is disorganised and dishevelled; when it takes you so long to locate your car keys every day it makes you late for work.

The key to successful organisation is setting up systems that work prior to getting in a muddle – but if you’re already living in chaos it can seem overwhelming to get to a point where organising your possessions is even a possibility. Here are just a few tips we’ve learnt through the years about successfully organising your home.

  1. Get rid of what you don’t need

Most of us accumulate more and more stuff as time goes by – but we only actually need or use a fraction of the things we own. The key to complete organisation starts with reducing the things we own and there are many methods for this. For example, the Konmari method of tidying suggests you pick up each item and discard anything that doesn’t bring you joy. This is a very effective way of whittling down the contents of your home dramatically.

2. Group possessions together

Most of us will naturally have cupboards for specific items – like pans, for example. However, how many of us have drawers or pots within these cupboard that accumulate a selection of bits and bobs? Instead of having a box that accumulates everything from pennies and spare buttons to pens and rogue batteries, separate these items into their own dedicated pots. Jars make an appealing and practical solution here, particularly for smaller items. You can see exactly what’s inside jars at a glance, and they can even be decorated to suit your colour scheme if you so desire.

3. Once you’re on top, stay on top

Once you’ve sorted your space make your best effort to remain organised. That means chucking old batteries when they are spent, or at least putting them in a spot ready for recycling, placing pens back in the right pot once you are finished with them and hanging your keys in the dedicated space. It might take a little extra time and effort at first, but the resulting organisation will help you save time and stress in your daily life.