4 Ways To Update Your Conservatory


Conservatories can offer both pain and pleasure in equal doses. They can be the bane of many a home-owner’s existence – too hot in summer and too cold in winter – but done right, this predominantly glass room can become a sensational outdoor-indoor living space.

If you’re looking at ways to liven up your conservatory, or ensure it truly becomes part of your home, here are a few simple tips to help.

1. Insulate the roof
There are a number of ways to stop heat escaping through the ceiling of your conservatory. Budget options include using insulative foil, then cladding with PVC, or you could invest in a real tile roof. The vast majority of a heat escapes through the ceiling so if you’re hoping to use this room all year round, you’ll need to find a way to make it more thermally efficient.

2. Beautify your garden
Conservatories are largely made of glass (but you knew that already), so rather than putting things like paintings on the walls, it’s all about what’s on the other side of these walls. Nothing is as relaxing as sitting in a conservatory and watching the exciting outdoor world, come rain or shine. A uncared for garden might make you choose to ignore this room, but when it’s gorgeous outdoors it’s well worth looking at.

3. Blinds
The glare from the sun can cause you to avoid your conservatory during certain hours of the day. To help remedy the situation, consider beautiful roof blinds or voile panels at the windows to take the edge off the brightest room in the house.

4. Select the right furniture
If you want your room to be an extension of your garden wicker furniture could be a great option, but don’t overlook furniture just because it doesn’t immediately shout “conservatory”. This room can be as much a part of your home as your living room if you let it.

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