Garden Trends Summer 2015

2015’s garden is more than just a square of green space – it’s an extension of your home. Modern garden design allows you to infuse your personality into the outdoor areas of your living environment in addition to creating useful spaces to live life to the full.

Garden design can be as minimal or as grandiose as you require. It can include large lawned areas suitable for kids to play on, intricate winding pathways through trees and bushes, water features and dining areas.

Here are just a few examples of products that could transform your garden from a small patch of green to a place you’re happy to spend your summer.


1. Lanterns
Not simply a source of light, the lantern is a great addition to the garden. Choose from solar powered versions for an eco-conscious glow after the evening draws in, or consider insect repellent garden candles to make sitting out after dark more comfortable. Lanterns come in both small and larger sizes and can be used in a wealth of situations, from a stunning centrepiece when dining al-fresco to being suspended from fences or trees for a gorgeous fairy-garden feel.


2. Mirrors
Mirrors may strike you as more of an indoor option, however outdoors mirrors can create a feeling or extra space, particularly in smaller gardens and yards. By reflecting their surroundings mirrors can be used as a way to make a small collection of trees appear as a veritable woodland, or to reflect light into darker areas of the garden.


3. Shelter
One thing’s for sure, you can’t count on the British weather to play ball during the summer months. We’re as likely to suffer flooding as we are a hosepipe ban. But whether it’s too hot, or too wet, your garden can still be a great place to be if you have the right shelter. Fortunately there are an array of options available at garden centres and from specialist providers, including pull-out mounted awnings, permanent or portable gazebos and even summer houses. Your space, needs and budget can help you determine which one is right for you, but all of these examples offer a space for you to relax, dine and even work (should the mood arise) whatever the weather.

Make the most of your home this summer – both inside and out – and remember, you can carry the theme of green into your conservatory or kitchen and make the most of outdoor living.