Dining Room Solutions for Modern Life

When you’re considering dining solutions, you can very quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of options available. These days the traditional formal dining room is a thing of the past, with many homes seeking a more fluid dining environment.

Busy lifestyles mean members of the same household often end up eating at different times, or quickly devouring meals in between other commitments, so the dining table needs to be more of a central focus to enable people to sit and eat. That’s why, in many homes, you’ll find the dining table placed in an open plan living environment – a place to grab a bite while watching TV, chatting to friends and family, or watching the kids play.

Dining table solutions come in all shapes and sizes to fit your home and your lifestyle. Here are a few options to consider.

The bench


Ideal for families with lots of children, or lots of visitors, the bench is the perfect solution because you can always squeeze an extra bottom in when needs be. The bench fits well if you have a long wall and a long rectangular table.

The extendable table


Perfect for families that eat in the kitchen. This “workhorse” table is used on a daily basis for everything from tea and toast to Playdoh and glitter sessions, while allowing for the extra walking space you need. But when the extended family drop in, it grows to accommodate the additional eaters. Switch from oilcloth table protectors to fancy runners to enhance the style factor when needs be.

The breakfast bar or kitchen island


In the heart of the home, the breakfast bar is a place to pull up a stool and share a cake and a cup of tea, while continuing to get on with the jobs of the day. An informal eating and socialising environment, it’s ideal for an array of purposes and stops people loitering in front of cookers or cupboards while you prepare meals and drinks.