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Here’s a few commonly asked questions.

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What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

A professional interior designer will help you make the most of your home, maximizing space and bringing out your personal style.  We consider all aspects of the rooms in question, including usage, storage, light, colour, space, atmosphere and the overall scheme.  Without an interior designer, its easy to make mistakes and end up with a room that somehow doesn’t seem to work as well as its should.  With experience and a creative eye, your redesigned space can be built with precision and care.

What kind of design schemes are available?

At Hannah Barnes Designs we offer individual design schemes which are tailored to your personal style and requirements and we make sure that you at the very focus of the design scheme.  Our completed portfolio boasts all kinds of rooms and a wide range of ultra contemporary schemes, classic styles, rooms inspired by Morocco and Oriental styling, streamlined, classic and everything inbetween…the only limit is your imagination!  Many clients want to build their new room design around existing items and we will take your personal belongings into account when designing the new space, such as re-framing family photographs or paintings to make your new space feel personal to you, and not a generic show home.

See our Case Study page to read about our most recent projects in the area.

How much are interior design fees?

This is a question which is at the forefront of most client’s minds.  However it’s a very difficult one to answer generally, as each and every project we are involved with is different in size and complexity  During your free initial consultation, * we will have an understanding of the project and how much you would like to be involved, the size of your budget and the brief.  After which we can provide a free quotation for one or several of our services, all of which will be clearly explained to you before you make any decisions.  This way you can choose which service best suits you and your budget.  You are not obligated to take up any of our services and we promise never to pressure you into making your decision.

By offering a very bespoke service, we do not pretend to be the cheapest professionals to help transform your home, but we do offer great value for money, a really personal approach and excellent customer service where nothing is too much trouble.  Please read our genuine testimonials to hear what our clients have to say..

*Whilst most local consultations are free of charge, homes further than 20 miles from our Knutsford office base will be at charge of £75 + vat.  This is redeemable against our interior design services.

How does the design process work?

Every interior design company has a different process and we try to tailor our services around your exact requirements.  The first step is to meet you at your home for a free and friendly consultation*, during which we can discuss which elements of the room work and which don’t, and what styles you like and dislike.  I can give you some ideas during the consultation of how to improve the space and make the most of your budget and we can also discuss what level of services suits you best. I will then be able to prepare a written proposal and quotation for you to consider, bearing in mind all the imformation I have gathered at the consultation.  You may choose from a ‘design only’ package which gives you plenty of ideas and samples to try at home – to a Complete Project Management service.  We also offer step-by-step project programmes to help you prepare and organise a project without the help of a project manager.  So there are lots of options, which will all be clearly explained and priced for you.

What is involved with ‘Project Management?’

Project Management is the process of implementing a design to become reality.  It usually involves specifying products, materials and the workload to bring design to life, along with ensuring the quality of workmanship is followed through to the very finishing touch. A fully managed project takes time, preparation and experience.  It means creating schedules for contractors to work to, ensuring the correct materials are delievered when needed and dealing with any unforeseen problems that may arise.  At Hannah Barnes Designs, we offer a choice of services, so that you can decide whether a ‘design only’ or ‘Complete Project Management’ service is better suited to you, your project and your budget.

How soon into my project, should I contact an interior designer?

It’s best to contact us as early as possible into your project, as we may be able to offer you useful tips and ideas to consider before you go further into the project.  It’s worth remembering that as each design scheme is created uniquely and especially for each client, the schemes can take two-three weeks to complete.  We also recommend that you live with the design scheme for at least a week before commiting to particular colours or textiles, to give yourself time to be really sure about your final choices.  At Hannah Barnes Designs, your design schemes and projects will not be rushed

How much involvment can I have in the design process?

As the client, your current and future requirements are the very focus of the design, so your brief is a vital part of the design process.  You will be consulted on all the details to ensure your completed rooms reflect you and not us.  We take into account how the room functions, the natural light available, storage requirements, atmosphere and more.  If you have lots of your own ideas, then we will take them all into account and fuse them together with our creative flair and experience..  If you have no ideas at all….don’t worry!  We have lots of ideas to hand, to help you can visualise how beautiful the finished space will look.

How can you help me if…. I am extending the house?

It’s best to get Hannah Barnes Designs involved as early in the process as possible because, similar to architects, we can advise on how to make the most of the natural light available and can suggest various ways to maximise the space and make the best use of your budget.  We understand how overwhelming planning an extension can be, so we can also stage the design process to ensure the layout, lighting, and overall space works as the plans develop.  Call Hannah to discuss your future project or to book a free home consultation.

How can you help me if…. I am preparing to sell?

Often our clients take a different approach to designing their properties to sell rather than to enjoy themselves.  You may want to limit the individual style of the design to appeal to the most amount of potential buyers, without resulting in a bland interior.  We can suggest ways to make your property stand out from the crowd, without limiting your market…and making the best use of your budget.

How can you help me if….I am a Landlord planning on letting the property?

At Hannah Barnes Designs, we have lots of ideas on how to present a property to the rental market, whilst ensuring it attracts the right kind of tenants and making the best use of your budget.  We can organise furniture packages for you to rent in order to ‘stage’ the property, or our designs can focus on the long term durability of the products so your life as a landlord is a little easier.

How can I get some free tips before my home consultation?

If you would like to get a taste for Hannah Barnes Designs and our ideas, we would love to send you some free tips.  Simply fill in our contact page and tell us which room you are looking to redesign.  Please tell us whether you’d like the tips to be emailed or posted to you.  Our free tips cover general aspects of the interior for each room just to allow you to sample our services.  But please remember that a design scheme created especially for you, will always be more individual and relevant to your project.

Please feel free to contact Hannah by telephone or email if you have any more questions about our services, or to discuss your individual project.  We promise not to send you junk mail or pressure you into making any decisions.