3 Interior Design Ideas Inspired By The British Summer

It’s that time of year when all around us is lush green foliage and gorgeous colourful blooms. Summer fruits and vegetables are rearing their juicy heads and when the weather’s good there’s no better place to be than the garden.

The British summer, when it actually deigns to put in an appearance, is a glorious event. But if you’re looking for a way to capture the essence of the bright and beautiful British summer in your interior design, bringing it indoors for days that are somewhat more gloomy, here are a few helpful ideas.

1. Green and pleasant

Green cushion

This cushion from Dunlem Mill is a good example of how to inject nature-inspired soft furnishings.

Green is an extremely versatile colour as it comes in so many different variations. Add a vibrant lime green cushion to your couch to liven up your living room, or for walls a paler pastel hue allows you to brighten up the proceedings without a look that’s too in-your-face.

2. Hang bunting

cotton bunting

English country bunting from Cottonbunting.co.uk.

There’s nothing like a garden party to welcome in the summer. Bunting is a quintessential aspect of British summers spent drinking Pimms on the lawn. Add some bunting to your living room and bring the party atmosphere inside. If you’re crafty, bunting can be made very simply by cutting and sewing triangles of fabric. Alternatively there are plenty of shops including the online Cotton Bunting Company, that provide bunting in a range of colours and patterns.

3. Blooming teapots

Nothing says British summer like al fresco afternoon tea. Bring the outdoors in by arranging a stunning centrepiece for your dining table, window ledge or mantle piece using some flowers and a vintage teapot. Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

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