3 Simple Ways To Welcome In The Spring

Spring has sprung, daffodils are rearing their golden heads, and Easter is only a week away. This is typically the time of year where we start looking at refreshing our surroundings and making changes to our living environment.

In the long term you might be considering moving house, renovating a room or adding an extension – but changes this spring don’t have to be enormous to make a significant difference. In fact, there are many simple things you can do to help transform your living space this season. So if you’re considering ways to breathe a little life into your home, read on.

Open the windows

Over the winter months we rarely open a window and as a result the house can become stuffy. Lack of air circulation and ventilation can also cause problems with condensation. You might see spots of black mould starting to form on window surrounds.

Opening the windows can help with these issues, getting rid of musty smells that have accumulated over the winter and helping to ventilate your rooms.

Bring the outdoors in

Bring a splash of spring colour to your home by placing flowers on tables or window ledges.  Cut flowers look lovely but potted plants last longer, so are usually the more cost-effective option.

Sweep away the cobwebs

When the fresh spring light starts to filter through the window panes you won’t be alone in feeling somewhat appalled by the prevalence of dust and cobwebs. The watery winter light does a great job of hiding dust, and this is highlighted as the seasons start to turn. A simple but effective way to deal with this is to wait until a sunny day with a feather duster at hand to catch all the bits you might not have spotted over winter.


Now is a great time of year to consider car boot sales, with the days getting longer, brighter and drier. If your house is beginning to feel quite full, now is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer need. You’ll certainly feel fresher, lighter and more organised for doing so.

There are plenty of simple was to get your spring clean started with ease – but for larger interior projects consider employing the help of a professional designer like Hannah Barnes, to make refreshing your property a simple task.