3 Spooky Ways To Decorate With Style

Tis the season for all things spooky, and with the Halloween festivities only getting bigger each year many of us are starting to embrace the madness. It’s not just about donning a black bin bag and a witches hat these days, many households go all out to join in the spirit of the season, with displays that wouldn’t look out of place in a theme park.

But if you’re considering decorating your house for Halloween there are ways you can get into the swing without transforming your home into the tacky resort of plastic fantastic.

  1. A delightful display of gourds


Pumpkins are a firm favourite with displays at this time of the year and for good reason. Their striking colours and the ability to carve them into some stunning designs allows you to bring warmth into an otherwise dull and dreary time of the year. But consider using other gourds in your household displays to truly capture that sense of autumnal flavour. From the soft yellows of a butternut squash to mottled greens, you can create a stunning display – perhaps on the hearth or in the kitchen – then afterwards transform the whole thing into a delicious soup or casserole.

2.  Embrace the grey




Greys are really in vogue for interiors right now and stunningly spooky for Halloween. If you already have a room with accents of grey, add to it in a stylish way. Grey floral arrangements look beautiful – add a spooky spiderweb or two to catch out unsuspecting guests.

3. Sensational stone



This is a gorgeous fireplace bookended by oversized stone planters for a look that’s both original and sleek. The ash blackened fireplace is the perfect centrepiece – and not just for Halloween. Rest assured it’ll look great at any time of the year.