5 Aspects Of Winter Interiors To Look Forward To

September is almost over, the nights are getting longer and the mornings have a slight chill to them as you get out of bed. While no one really looks forward to cold, damp weather outdoors, this is the season where you can really fall in love with your interiors. Warm and snuggly home comforts are abundant at this time of year so here are 5 things you can really enjoy as the mercury drops.

  1. Lighting a fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a real fire or log burning stove this is the time of the year when it really comes into its own. Think crackling flames, roasted marshmallows and toasty fingers and toes as you cuddle up on the couch in your comfortable home. 2. Scrunching your toes into a long-pile rug Imagine the moment… you get out of bed into the crisp autumn air and place your feet onto warm and comforting fabric that caresses your feet and wakes you up gently. 3. Turning on the underfloor heating Underfloor heating turns chilly tiles into warm and welcoming floors. You can be forgiven for starfishing on the kitchen/bathroom/orangery floor and just enjoying the glow. 4. A nice, warming relaxing bath Switch on the heated towel rail and get your fluffiest towels warming, while you slip into a warm and bubbly bath and forget the miserable weather outdoors. 5. Breathing in the scent of hearty cooking from your kitchen Whether you’re baking cakes or slow cooking a stew, your kitchen is a place of warmth, comfort and flavour in the dark and dismal months of winter. Make this space the heart of your home, whether you’re simply cooking for the family or providing a fodder for the masses. Sometimes all it takes is a good cup of coffee in pleasant surroundings to perk up a dull day. Can we help with your interior plans this autumn/winter? Talk to the team – we’re happy to help.