5 Benefits of Decluttering Your Home


Over a surprisingly short period of time it is very easy to acquire a huge amount of stuff. Surfaces fill up with bits and bobs, mail and bills sit on sideboards with nowhere to be filed, and ornaments clog up shelves.

Clutter makes rooms feel messy and unloved, but it can also have a negative effect of your sense of wellbeing. It’s surprising just how much a declutter of your living environment can improve your life. Here are five ways a declutter can improve your home, your health, and your life.

1. Cleaning is quicker
When there is less stuff to move to clean, it takes less time to do the job, so chores can seem much more managable and appealing, leading to a cleaner home. When dusting and hoovering take 15 minutes rather than 30, you can use the extra time to indulge in a few moments of quiet, maybe with a coffee and magazine or simply sitting and enjoying your clutter-free surroundings.

2. It’s easier to find things
Removing clutter and having specific places for items like your car keys can mean less time spent frantically searching in a mad panic before you leave the house. As you’re searching under throw cushions and bits of paperwork for your keys you’ll likely make even more of a mess to clean up later. Instead, a clutter-free, organised home allows you to gain easy access to the things you need so you speed up the process, reduce panic and stress, and are more likely to get to work on time.

3. Selling your clutter can bring in cash
Sending unused books, DVDs, old phones, even games consoles to cash generators like Music Magpie is easy and has a twofold benefit – you get rid of rubbish and make some cash in the process. There are many ways to sell old stuff, from the traditional car boots, to eBay and specialist baby sales for no-longer-needed children’s items. If you’re not bothered about making money, do a good deed and send it to the charity shop – many charity shops will even collect large items like furniture for free.

4. It brings a sense of peace
Removing the clutter and chaos of life allows you to make your home a haven away from the fast pace of the modern world. This helps you be calmer in your home, away from the hubbub.

5. You spend less on stuff you don’t need
Now you’ve decluttered your home it’s time for a change of thinking when it comes to shopping, particularly in terms of homeware. Before you buy that extra vase, ask yourself “do I really need it?” If the answer is yes, consider what you can take out of the room to make space, rather than overcrowding your room once again.

If you need any help when it comes to organising your life and decluttering your space, speak to the Hannah Barnes team. As a professional interior design team we can recommend solutions that could reduce the level of clutter in your home and improve your general sense of wellbeing.