Conservatory Design That Inspires

conservatory design

Your conservatory is a natural link from the outdoors, but sometimes it can feel a little like a glorified greenhouse. At Hannah Barnes Designs, we’re adept at redesigning conservatories to give you the maximum benefit.

These bright and beautiful areas can be used in a plethora of ways – beyond a simple space for wicker furniture and potted plants. With a little imagination, your conservatory could become the home gym you’ve always desired, an exciting playroom allowing you to keep the kids’ clutter out of the lounge, or even an expertly designed luxury second sitting room.

Designing a new conservatory and updating the old

We can help you create a wonderful element of flow through your home; choosing the colour palettes, lighting, flooring and furniture that complement this light and airy space within your property. We work with clients to help them plan their new conservatory spaces, as well making the most of existing structures.

As your dedicated interior designers it’s our job to help you discover the ways you can make this space unique to your family life. We’ll help you think about how you’d like to use the space, both today and in the future.

Interior design is about your needs and desires, and although we’re here to offer assistance, it’s your space we’re decorating. That’s why we’re careful to ensure your conservatory design is inspired by the things you love.

We believe that every home has the potential to be beautiful. Let us make your conservatory space work for you – contact Hannah Barnes Designs today.