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Your office interior should be practical and functional, without loosing any of its personality.  It is important to add a bit of ‘you’ in the room, which can be achieved by using colour, adding your favourite chair or piece of furniture to mix things up, or even just by displaying of family and friends.


Make it Colourful!

Adding pops of colour is a great way to make it personal; Use colour co-ordinated files, furniture or even chairs in your favourite colour to enhance the environment and make the space unique.  Choose bright clashing colours like lime greens and a flash of blue, which instantly impact a simple white interior.

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Mood-enhancing Light

On our own design studio, it is really important to have lots natural light to view colours and patterns together.  If you don’t have the luxury of having a window view, make sure you add lots of lamps or lights that give off natural-coloured light to brighten up an office immensely and even make you feel less sluggish at your desk.   Your choice of interior colour can also influence the atmosphere, and bright, light-reflecting shade create a more inviting and inspiring space to work in.

Don’t be afraid to choose wall finishes and wallpaper in unusual patterns – bold, funky patterns you wouldn’t usually associate in a office space will instantly put you in a good mood when sat at your desk!

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Chic Organisation

There’s no better day than today, to get organised! There are many different ways that you can get yourself organised, calendar wall charts are a good way to keep yourself up to date, knowing who is where and when.  The idea of using a chalkboard instead of wallpaper makes an interesting focal point which is easy to change each day.  You could also hang your files or pin them to the wall so they are clearly visible and accessible to everyone.  For more Home Organisation tips, read this…

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Comfort and Style

Comfy chairs are a must when sat at your desk for many hours and of course they are important for protecting your posture too, but who says you have to have a typical executive chair? (they are for the BIG BOSS!!) Add some colour with a bright office chair or even update an old chair with your favourite cushion.

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Caffeine is almost as important as a comfy chair… it is in our office anyway!  We love the idea of a coffee bar with high bar stools, and this is a clever way to incorporate in your work-at-home-kitchen space too…simply add a counter-top coffee maker and you’re good for the day

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Work Space…Anywhere!

Finding a space for a home office can sometimes be tricky.  If your home required re-working to fit a home office, why not contact us for some individual ideas?  The space under the stairs is ideal as it is often wasted space and can make a small tidy desk area.  Even a corner of your open-plan living space can become multi-functional with a flip-down desk surface and hide-away chair.  Simply adding a desk to a bookcase or shelving could turn the smallest area into an office space.  Look at every corner you have available, and see how to maximise it with clever space-planning.

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