Design Is About More Than Looking Good

When you think of interior design, you’ll likely conjure up mental images of wallpaper choices and interesting lampshades, however there is much more to design than this.

Design is about planing your space and making it useful, as much as making it look nice. It’s about creating a home environment that works for your family, allowing you to use the space you have available more effectively. Good design is intrinsic to home life, whether you have a large or small property, and done well it offers a wealth of benefits.

Design has made a world of difference in Wythenshawe in Greater Manchester, where the Design for Security team is actually helping to minimise crime based on good design.

Design for Security’s mission statement is: “We work with local authorities, housing associations, architects, landscape architects, planning consultants and developers to support the production of designs that address crime and security issues and minimise future opportunities for offenders.”

In one Wythenshawe estate the team built a block of flats focusing on the principles of minimising crime – there has been only one incident of crime in this area since they were built in 2010. The surrounding square kilometre has seen 39 burglaries.

With an emphasis on “designing out” crime-attractive alleyways, dark hideaways and unwatched carparks, the team has been able to minimise crime without resorting to CCTV and barbed wire.

Using good practices from the outset, has made the area a much more desirable place to live. And the new buildings look great too.