Diagonal Wooden Flooring

When it comes to wooden or wood-effect flooring, the immediate assumption is that it has to be laid in a straight line. However, laying flooring in diagonally can actually make a room look larger, and is particularly useful in creating a feeling of space in a long, narrow room.

Take a look at some of the examples of diagonal flooring we’ve installed in our clients’ homes below for inspiration. You can talk to the friendly team at Hannah Barnes Designs about the flooring layout that will work best in your space.

Creating space

This diagonal flooring combines with the mirrored wall to make the long, thin room look wider.

Galley kitchen

In a galley kitchen the diagonal floor increases the perception of space between the two runs of units.

Open plan living

The flooring extends from a narrow dining room into the living room to create a seamless look and feel of increased space.


In a larger room, the diagonal flooring creates interest and makes this stunning room even more grand.

Small space, big impact

This small room with a cuddle chair looks larger and more interesting as the room’s other lines (the alcove, the door frames and curtains) are all perpendicular.