Extension Design Hints and Tips

When you’re planning on extending your home it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you get quotes from builders to start off with? Do you consult an architect… or a designer? When do you seek information regarding the financing and how do you know how much to borrow if you don’t know what the costs will be?

Here are a couple of hints and tips about going about the process.

  1. Ask the neighbours

Usually you’ll find your street has homes similar to yours and if they have already been extended, you can generally gauge whether or not an extension is a possibility. If your neighbours are friendly, ask them if you can have a look at the inside of their extension. You can also get an idea on price, as well as determining quality builders and architects in the area if your neighbours are willing to divulge such information.

2. Get plans drawn up

A good builder will not quote for or start a project without professionally drawn plans. By getting the plans drawn up it also allows you to approach professionals – like interior designers – with a clear picture of the space you will have available and how you can use it to its optimum advantage.

3. Seek design help

An interior designer can help you both before and after the plans are drawn up. However, by involving your designer from the outset, you can plan your space effectively using hints and tips from a professional standpoint. This can reduce costs both in terms of amends to your architects plans and if you decide to change something once the build has commenced.

Great design can transform your extension from a run-of-the-mill add-on to a show-stopping living space.