Glass Isn’t Just For Windows

Glass might seem like a material you look through rather than look at, but its transparency can help you achieve stunning results in your home. This material helps makes rooms appear elegant, spacious, and streamlined. In fact, for the modern home it’s a material that’s well underutilised.

Take a look at some instances where glass has made all the difference to a design.

On the stairs

glass stairs

Taking the place of the wooden spindles on a stairway, this glass looks simply stunning in this modern home. The use of wood for the banister frames the glass and creates a focal point for the room. Because the glass is transparent, it means the hallway appears more spacious, as it isn’t divided down the centre by lots of wooden “bars”.

For furniture

glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables are a gorgeous addition to an adult-oriented room. This beautiful table with its glass slatted base is the perfect piece to combine with whites and neutrals for an extremely calming feel – ideal to come home to after a hard day at the office.

Lamps and lighting

glass coffee table light

Room lights and lamps made from glass reflect and refract light, creating stunningly interesting pieces, with smooth surfaces that shine and shimmer. Elegance personified.

In doors

glass stairs

Doors can be beautiful as well as functional. Using internal and external doors with windows means closing off noise doesn’t mean shutting out natural light.

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