Help With Hallways

If your home is blessed with a hallway you can find a myriad of uses for this space. However, in many cases it all too often becomes a dumping ground for footwear, complete with a chaos of coats. You also might find it dark and dingy if the long, narrow space lacks windows.

Left to its own devices, the hallway can become an unloved area that doesn’t exactly inspire the warm and friendly welcome you’d like your home to offer. Remember too, this is the first place guests and visitors view when they arrive at your door. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to offer a more positive first impression?

If you’re looking for inspiration for your hallway, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Effective storage

The ideal storage solutions offer a space to hide away all those possessions that breed a look of clutter and chaos. In a wide hallway, a storage bench with hooks overhanging it can be an excellent solution. Not only does the hollow bench provide a concealed place to secrete your shoes, it offers a comfortable seat when it comes to putting them on.

Take a look at this hallway with bench we designed for a client last year with vintage crates beneath a cushioned seat pad. Simple, yet extremely effective.


If the width of your hallway doesn’t support a bench-style seating/storage solution, consider taller, slimmer shoe storage like the upright, narrow Ikea Hemnes cabinet that holds a minimum of 12 pairs of shoes.

Use light colours

The use of light colours in the hallway, such as a bright white, can help stave off dingy corners and cubby holes. Consider a bright white, like the hallway above then add accents in terms of pictures and fabrics to inject your own personality on the space.

Let the light flow

Consider the use of alternative materials such as glass in your hallway. In this hallway we designed recently, we replaced the wooden bannister rails with glass panels, which allows light to flow freely through the space, creating a modern and minimalistic welcome to the home.

glass stairs

Use mirrors

Also in this hallway is the use of a mirror, which helps make the space appear wider as light is reflected throughout the space.

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