How To Combine Seating And Storage

It’s a conundrum we come across time and time again – seats or storage? In the home environment and extra place to sit can be a real asset, particularly at busy times like Christmas and New Year when every day becomes a social occasion. But it’s also good to have somewhere you can hide away those bits and bobs – shoes in the hallway, magazines in the living room and pillows and sheets in the bedroom – so why not combine the two.

Here are some ideal ways to combine seating and storage in a seriously stylish way.

In the hallway

It’s great to have a place to park your posterior when putting on your shoes – and what’s better than a unit that simultaneously hides away your footwear when you’ve taken it off? This simple, yet stylish solution, provides a comfortable cushioned seat and two rustic storage crates, which contrast beautifully with the white walls and tone with the wooden floor.

Window seating

This built in window seat offers a great place to hide away children’s (and adults’) games while making great use of the bay window. The tall skirting boards look almost like an extension of this cupboard for a permanent, solid look and feel. This looks like a great place to sit in the sunlight with a good book or cup of tea.

Footstool storage

Ok so footstools are not really a seat, but let’s face it when every other seat is taken anything goes, so when your house is busy this is a real asset. Footstools with storage provide the perfect place for squirreling away remotes and magazines – quickly hiding away bits and bobs when people pop in to say hello.

Dressing room storage

If you have the space a chest in the bedroom is a absolute must-have. It provides storage for extra blankets and pillows, or the spare bedding set. Placed in the bedroom or dressing room it’s a great idea to have a cushioned top to provide seating, for a comfy perch when putting on shoes and socks.

The horizontal bookcase

While most bookcases rise to the ceiling, this innovative design allows you to both stow away books and read them in comfort from a low seat. This open storage is ideal for storing frequently reads. In the kitchen environment it’s great storage for cookery books, for example.

If you’d like advice on any seat/storage solutions in your home, please speak to the team at Hannah Barnes Designs today.