How To Get Your Property Autumn-Ready

September is nearly here and it’s the time of year where you can’t help but reminisce about new pencil cases, shiny Clarks’ shoes and too-big school blazers. It’s the start of a new school year, and the beginning of autumn. That season that heralds the end of shimmering summer sun (if you’ve been somewhere other than the UK this year), as well as the run up to Christmas and all the delights it brings.

As we step foot along this inevitable path towards chilly weather, woolly warm jumpers and even the first frost, there are several measures we can take to ensure our properties are more comfortable before the real cold sets in.

Get out the throws

As the nights draw in, get ready by investing in some comfy throws for the living room. These can make dark nights with the rain pattering at the window extra cosy and help you stave off putting the heating on for a few extra weeks too.

Dust down the fireplace

Whether you have a wood-burner, a traditional chimney or a gas fire, now is the time to ready it for the autumn and winter months. That means stocking up on wood for the pile, getting the chimney swept, or having your gas appliance serviced. You might even consider investing in a new fireplace now in preparation for the colder weather – a show-stopping feature in time for your Christmas get-togethers.

Service the central heating

Make sure you don’t get caught short this winter by ensuring your central heating is up to scratch. If your service is due, make sure you don’t skip it (it can have an effect on your warranty), and if you have radiators that appear sluggish or cold when you test them, now is the time to rectify it.

Autumn doesn’t just mean winter is coming – in the words of Ned Stark – it means cosy warm evenings snuggled by the fireplace, and times spent together with the family. Enjoy it!