How To Let Snow Inspire Your Interiors

It’s finally snowed here in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area this weekend and if you’ve love the bright white, crisp look that the white stuff envelops the landscape with, you’re not alone. In fact, pure bright white is a hue many people choose to use in their interiors. Here’s how the stunning white of snow can transform your home.

  1. It makes dark spaces appear brighter

White walls, for obvious reasons, make rooms appear lighter than every other colour in the spectrum. Internal rooms with either no windows or very small windows – such as the bathroom or hallway – can be transformed by a coat of white paint. Similarly, white door fronts in a kitchen, for example, can banish dark corners to give you a refreshing and airy living, cooking and eating space.

2. It makes rooms appear more spacious

Dark colours can make a room seem smaller, creating dark corners where it’s easy for clutter to pile up. In a bright, white room, it is easy to feel a sense of calm, serenity and also cleanliness, as dirt and clutter is easier to spot. If you have children and plan on bright white walls, consider a wipeable paint.

3. It is easy to bring in other tones

Almost everything works well when presented on a background of snowy white – ethnic chic, cushions of vibrant aqua-marine or aubergine, and dark earthy woods. When your walls are white and you fancy a change, you can do so with ease.

So wrap up warm, enjoy the winter wonderland snow seems to effortlessly create, and take inspiration from the landscape for your interiors.