How To Stay Cool At Home This Summer


When it’s warm and muggy interior design might be one of the last things on your mind, but actually there are lots of things you can do to make your home more pleasant despite the heat. Staying cool doesn’t mean throwing style out of the window either. Here are some top tips.

Shut out the sun during the warmest hours

During the brightest days, the biggest, brightest rooms can become unbearable. Though it may not seem like a particular bonus most of the time our very moderate UK climate allows us to benefit from large windows and even glass walls which might not cause a problem most of the year. In summer, however, these large panes of glass can heat up a space very quickly. It’s why in warmer climes windows are often smaller in design or shuttered against the sun during the day.

While shutters are an option if you’d like to invest, you can also use curtains and blinds to great effect during the sunniest days. Blackout lined fabric blinds and curtains are a good option, particularly on South facing windows.

If you’re replacing windows always go for the most insulated you can – you might consider triple glazing or even tinted windows to reduce glare particularly in a sunny room or conservatory.

Make fans part of your design

Circulating still air can reduce the stifling feeling in your space but fans, particularly ceiling fans, aren’t the most stylish option in home design. If you’re considering ceiling fans, rest assured there are now many contemporary options available which will keep your home cool without compromising on style – read this article from Houzz. There are also high tech options in portable fans such as the latest offering from Dyson. These fans are small in stature while looking (and feeling) seriously cool.


Cool spaces are clutter-free. It’s all in the mind-set.

Imagine an open space that’s free from junk and it immediately feels more chilled than a space jam-packed with stuff. So clear your sideboards and mantlepieces, remove those winter coats from the coat hooks and let the air flow more freely through your home. We guarantee you’ll feel better for it.