Innovative Wine Storage Solutions

If you enjoy a tipple or collect fines wines you might struggle for ways to store your bottles. If wine is more than an occasional part of your life, and your home doesn’t quite stretch to a wine cellar, you may wish to try out some of these interesting methods of wine storage.

  1. Beneath the stairs

Under the stairs is commonly considered the perfect haunt for coats, hats, vacuum cleaners and Harry Potter, but with savvy design you can use this space to not only store your wine bottles but display them too. Use shelves or wire racks to display your vin and keep it out of harm’s way as well.

2. In a cabinet

Repurpose an antique cabinet and use it to squirrel away your wine collection. Rather than storing each bottle upright, consider lying the bottles down (making sure, of course, that the cabinet is deep enough to allow for horizontal wine bottles).

3. In temperature controlled kitchen units

Wine fridges are ideal if you have the space in your kitchen – these built-in units look great and function fabulously, allowing you to keep reds and whites at the perfect serving temperature. Slimline models are perfect for a compact kitchen.

4. On wall-mounted racks

You’ll find wine racks in all shapes and sizes that can be mounted on the wall, keeping your wine out of reach of prying hands.

5. In between cupboards

DSC_3788 - Copy

Gaps between units can be the perfect spot to place your bottles, keeping your kitchen neat, organised and looking fabulous.

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