Home Inspiration From Sunnier Shores

The sun has finally graced our skies in the UK this summer and if you’re looking for a way to harness the sunshine year round, you might consider some of these options.

White-washing walls

Say goodbye to brown or grey brick and revel in the brightness of light-refracting white. Think bright Mediterranean fishing villages when you brighten up brick garden walls. This can be particularly effective in smaller spaces and areas that don’t naturally catch the sunlight.

Inside, white or any other pale neutral, can help you achieve this light, bright look in your interiors too.

Using inspiration from your travels

Just because you reside in Manchester city centre or a Cheshire suburban street it doesn’t mean you can’t draw inspiration from elsewhere. Your designs can stem from any corner of the world, just like in the home of this travel-loving family from Heald Green, who used a backdrop of bright white contrasted with a stunning bright tropical theme that celebrated their love of travel. Eye-catching colours and carefully selected furniture makes this space extremely unique and a beautiful place to live.

DSC_5726 Interior design Heald Green DSC_5827

Add exotic flora

Bright blooms in dramatic shades can help you liven up a dull interior during the summer months. Anything from a single precious orchid placed on a coffee table or mantle piece to an orangery or conservatory filled with zesty citrus trees can give you a taste of sunnier places through the year. Or alternatively you can use nature to inspire the decor of your space.



Remember, your home is your canvas so when you travel consider picking up pieces of art, postcards or photographs that reflect these happy times. Contact Hannah Barnes Designs and we’ll be happy to show you how.