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 DSC_3721 High Gloss Kitchen Kitchen Design, Cheadle

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Kitchens no longer hide the cook away from guests in a room full of steam, grease and cooking odours.  It’s now a space to invite your guest into, showing them your family’s’ taste in design, style and function.  There’s usually a lot more to kitchen design than most people think, but having designed in this industry for many years, I can help you select the most suitable flooring, lighting, wall coverings, cabinets, work surfaces and appliances for your ideal space.

I have lots of ideas to help you maximise the space in the kitchen, including clever corner mechansims, pull-out baskets and shelves, deep drawers for pots and pans, and all to suit your family’s needs and budget.

With your free design consultation, you can discuss all the options for your new kitchen including the different worksurface materials, the best rated appliances and how best to use the space available.

Whether you’re a natural baker, or struggle to boil an egg, with my help this room can be somewhere you love to spend time in.