Let The Light Shine Into Your Home – Ideas From Hannah Barnes Designs

Natural light makes us all feel better. It’s been scientifically proven that exposure to natural light in the workplace leads to improved sleep, quality of life, and vitality. And at home it can have a major impact on health and happiness too.

We can try to substitute natural light with electronic means, but research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published in 2011, stated that exposure to certain types of electric light, particularly before bed and at night can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

So getting the right amount of natural light in your home is important to your health and well being – and in terms of aesthetics it is important, too. Unfortunately when you move into a house, it may not have been built with the benefits of natural light in mind. Extensions and additions may have lead to rooms and corridors being created with no outside walls, which can make your home feel dark and gloomy, even where more space has been created.

If you’re in this situation, or perhaps planning an extension and looking for a way to channel natural light into your property, our abundance of knowledge and years of interior design experience can help. Even if you are in the preliminary planning stages of an extension or redesign project, getting the help now means getting it right first time.

Using light to its utmost advantage can mean the difference between a project’s success and failure and there are many ways you might not be aware of that enhance the quality of light in your home. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  1. Mirrors.


Easy and -cost effective. Strategically placed mirrors reflect light making your room brighter and appear more spacious. Where wall-space is at a premium consider mirrored doors, cabinets and cupboards.

2. Glass-panelled doors

This may seem obvious but in areas of the home such as the hall, using a glass-panelled door as opposed to a solid wooden one means more light is able to flow through. To retain a level of privacy you could always use frosted glass.

3. Skylights

Don’t neglect the capabilities of the ceiling when it comes to shedding light on the matter. Skylights are now extremely well engineered and insulated. If you’re worried about glare from the sun consider installing blinds or tinted glass.

4. Sun tunnels

Sun tunnels, like these from Velux, allow you to bring natural light into the property, perhaps where a skylight would be too large.

Extending or remodelling? We can help you make the most of the natural light, helping you save energy and improve the overall light quality within your home. Just contact us for a consultation.