Living Room Interior Design In Wilmslow

Take a look at this great new design for a lovely couple in Wilmslow. Pete and Lucy were looking for a way to transform their lounge into a space that was sleek, sophisticated and ideal for adults to relax in.

Watch the video to find out how we took a traditional looking living room and gave it a contemporary, upmarket feel. Our design included elements that make change easy, such as the picture rail, which allows you to move and change pictures without putting nails into the wall. Additionally the LED lighting is a lovely touch, creating a gorgeous vibrant hue on the wall but allowing the family to stick with quite neutral permanent tones of paint.

An unused fireplace was removed to create space for the stunning gloss white entertainment unit.

We make sure every design is based on your needs as a household, ensuring your new room can be used at its optimum while simultaneously looking great.

If you’re considering a design change at home, see how we can help. Speak to the team at Hannah Barnes Designs today. Find out more about the Wilmslow living room design project here.