Making the Most of Small Spaces

Let’s face it, contemporary housing doesn’t usually offer the largest spaces, particularly if you’re living in an urban area. In recent years the footprint of homes has decreased, largely in response to shortages in land available for development. This means that housing builders are attempting to fit as many homes on a single plot as possible, and it’s why you’ll find many new estates featuring three storey townhouses, as well as apartments.

If you’re living in a home with small sized rooms, if you’re not careful it can feel as though the walls are closing in on you. But with a little space management, you can transform a tight squeeze into a cozy home. Here are just a few tips to help you use your space to its best.

1. Bigger isn’t always better

Yes that round-the-corner couch looks lovely in the showroom, but put it in your living room and it may well look simply enormous. Don’t be taken in by dramatically oversized furniture, and remember to always measure the depth of a sofa before you buy it. This is the most often forgotten measurement.

2. Invest in storage

There are products and accessories on the market today that boast a wealth of storage potential. In a small bedroom, consider investing in underbed and overbed systems to squirrel away possessions. In the living room, you’ll find ingenious sofas with storage underneath.

3. Clear away your clutter

One of the major factors in keeping a home spacious involves organising your possessions and keeping surfaces clutter free. Ask yourself whether your room could be organised to make better use of the space you have on offer. You might not be able to increase to overall size of your home overnight, but you can almost certainly reduce the amount of stuff in it.

If you’re looking for a way to gain more room in your modern home, speak to Hannah at Hannah Barnes Designs for ideas and inspiration.