Modern Interior Design Inspiration For 2014

Summer’s over and we’re now well on the road to autumn and winter. With the garden furniture packed away and goodbyes said to the barbecue, it’ll soon be time to snuggle up with our soft furnishings and spend a little more time indoors than out.

In addition, Christmas is just around the corner, so if you’re expecting company this festive season, you might feel the need to get your house up to scratch before you invite the masses around. That’s what makes this time of year extremely popular for redesigning and redecorating home interiors.

So what’s popular in modern interior design right now? Well there are a few trends that are gaining popularity in 2014.

Ethnic prints

Aztec and Turkish Kilim prints are very in-style at the moment in terms of throws and soft furnishings. The good news is that it’s possible to jazz up a mundane magnolia room with these bold colours and designs in a matter of minutes.

The march towards winter is the perfect time to add extra blankets, cushions and throws to a room to help you keep out the chill. This style is ideal for autumn/winter with its warming red, orange and brown hues reflecting the colours of the great outdoors.

Though these prints are great all year round, cushions and throws are simple to switch whenever you fancy a change.

Bye-bye beige

For the last few years we’ve become a bit obsessive about using neutrals in our interiors. While it does promote a calming effect, many designers and home-owners feel the time has come to give beige the boot in favour of stronger, more vibrant colours.

If you’re looking for a way to inject colour into your home it doesn’t have to be an arduous or expensive task. Choosing key items like lamps, cushions, pictures or furniture can allow you to inject colour into a room with ease. It’s not necessary to stick to a single tone either. Like a bowl of mixed peppers atop a bright, white worktop, lively chromatic splashes can create a world of difference yet allow you to retain your beige walls.

Window sheers

Window sheers are the next generation of net curtains, allowing you to retain a level of privacy while letting light flood into your room.

Available in a variety of colours – not just your traditional white lace – modern window sheers are vibrant and patternless, ranging from the cheerful to the sleek and sophisticated.

For more ideas, or to book a design consultation, speak to Hannah Barnes today. Don’t delay to ensure your redesign is complete in time for Christmas – we’re booking up fast!