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Even the weakest movie plots can hold my attention, if the interior set is eye-catching.  If you pay close attention, you can also appreciate how the set deisgners use the interior styling to enhance the scene or the characters in the interior.  It’s a good way to take some inspiration for your own home in the same way – to reflect your personality and enhance the usage of the room.  Here’s my top inspiration picks from well-known help you add a bit of Hollywood to your home:


The Holiday

When Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet’s characters swap lives and homes, we see a strong reflection of each girl in her home interior.  The opposing styles also help the movie enhance how different the characters are by their surroundings.

Winslet’s character lives in a cosy cottage with home comforts and lots of natural materials.  The bathroom features exposed stone work and a freestanding rustic stone bath.  the distressed floorboards and freestanding furniture add to the rural country-cottage styling.  Add a cottage-style rustic touch to your home, by painting bare floorboards and introducing beautiful natural stone.

In stark contrast, Diaz’s character leads a busy and glamorous lifestyle, and her home reflects utlimate convenience and contemporary sleek lines.  Inspire your home in the same way with taupe and cream furnishings, tailored chic lines and interesting sculptures.


The Devil Wears Prada

Another movie featuring opposite interior styles to enhance a character; Meryl Streep plays the cynical, no-nonsense magazine editor.  Her character at work is surrounded by sleek modern furniture, classic black and white framed images and mirrors.  Everything is in its place and organised…just like the character herself.  Take inspiration from this set by adding clusters of your own monochrome photo frames and a clean minimal backdrop.

When ‘Miranda Preistly’ begins to show a vulnerable side, her hotel room is more feminine, with softer lines and intimate lighting.  Create your own home retreat with classic lamps and pretty furnishings with classical elegance.


He’s just not that into you

This movie showcases some beautifully chic interiors from masculine city loft apartments to eclectic renovated open spaces.  Be inspired by this movie set by adding some exposed brickwork to give a New York loft feel to your home and some chunky modern leather furniture


Marie Antoinette

The decedent over-the-top styling of both the fashion and the interiors in this movie are stunning.  It features strong period furniture pieces and lots of busy and beautiful floral prints.  Add this glamorous style to create your own boudoir with feature wallpaper and layers of gorgeous ice-cream coloured fabrics.


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