Our 2015 Trend Predictions…

Whilst we always encourage clients to design their homes to reflect themselves and their lifestyles, rather than follow trends…its always fun and interesting to see what the experts predict for the coming year.  There’s some really gorgeous schemes about to hit our homes, and here’s our top favourites for 2015:  

Warm Metals:

1da8ae90acf379568fb013f57e03c3739d335ce9f9dfd1abe2725eb7aab1d6f9505502925_845 Copper was hugely popular in 2014 and the large retailers showcased some fabulous on-trend copper lighting designs.  2015 will see even more, this time with rose hues, combined with spicy oranges, deep slate greys and strong oranges for a brand new take on this look.  

Geometric Grids:

a7601ee9e279bef6a71fcb0a69fdc7b79e1960f8a6da890d36ba47687e89d37cWired-BHS-Dexter-753x1024   For contemporary interiors, you can experiment with bold lines of geometric grid patterns, seem both in prints and wire forms.  The high street is full of bare-bulb lighting for a simple, industrial style whilst fabric collections are showcasing Moroccan-inspired outlines for a unisex style.  

Fluid Decoration:

1ec349b17c9d4b468df1e996624b1751 05c963d78df76202a639567dbe39e393 6a13e414334c1040db5223bd43fd6b7a (1) In 2015, look out for modern takes on floral-watercolours, as well as metallic trail prints with feminine pinks, purples and teal shades.  We predict we’ll also see a throw back to traditional patterns in nature such as marbles and gold leaf feathering, as a stark contrast to the plain crisp quartz surfaces over the last few years.  Read about one of our latest interior projects, to see an example of bold florals design for the home.  

Colour Trends of 2015:

7184b9be62f3be1d63d271cb0dd23bb7a9d5e149c50bae0c12ecbf0fa7b401a5767969c8888d31e0232dcd84cac4f339 Grey, grey and more grey has been the theme of 2014, and we predict classy navy will be the next staple decor choice in 2015.  Its deep shade of blue feels unusually warm, and sits beautifully against dramatic golds.  Team navy with coral for an unexpected twist, or use against crisp white for a timeless style.   Another new colour way for this coming year is Mauve – a warm and pretty pink-lilac hue which is sweet enough for feminine bedrooms, and will also sit nicely against walnut floors and pale dusky greys.   For more hints and tips, why not sign up to Hannah’s newsletter at the top of this website?  Sign up today and you’ll receive her Top 10 Tips for your home completely free!