Tips For The Transition To Autumn Interiors

It’s seems as though summer has only just begun, but we’re moving quickly through August and before we know it autumn and winter will be arriving and with it some of the annual changes to your interiors.

Summer solstice has long since passed and as the nights draw in and get more chilly you can add comfort and warmth to your interiors without making your space too stuffy. The difficulty with this time of year is the changeable temperature can leave you at a bit of a loss.

The sun may just as likely crack the flags as the heavens open. Rain can come in light showers or as abrupt lawn-quenching thunder storms. And as the weather changes you can be reaching for the extra fans or considering turning on the central heating.

Your interior decor can be your friend in such situations. For example, draping comfy, cosy throws over the arms of sofas ensures you are always within easy reach of warmth when the cold starts to seep in. Cushions too can add an element of the cosy – and if the mercury does start to rise, you can always remove scatter cushions to let the air flow through. Consider investing in a storage footstool or decorative chest to ensure cushions and throws are easily at hand but can be quickly and easily stowed away.

Even on the warmer days August and September evenings can become chilly, and what better way to warm up than with a crackling fire. In the garden, bring out the chimnea or roast marshmallows over a fire pit, or if you’re lucky enough to have a log burner and the weather is too wet to go outdoors, consider lighting a fire and opening windows and doors for a indoor camping feel.

There is still time before we feel the grasp of autumn and winter, so enjoy the last weeks of summer to their fullest.