Top Tips For Cosy Winter Interiors

We’ve had a relatively mild autumn so far, but with the trees finally starting to shed their leaves we could be witnessing the start of winter and the colder weather.

If you’re looking for a way to add some warmth to your home, you can choose from an array of techniques – some simple and effective and others more costly to implement. Here are our top 3.

  1. Turn on the fireplace

Whether you have a gas, electric, coal or wood-burning stove, flames and heat really cosy-up your home. It’s ideal for forming that warming atmosphere during the winter months.

2. Light those candles

Real flames, especially in a low-lit room, can make your space far more cosy than a blazing “big light”. Candles are warming and romantic, whether they are tall and statuesque or tealights placed in lanterns – great for during the colder weather.

3.  Unleash the textiles

Cushions and throws make even wooden and leather seats comfortable and warming. Choose soft blankets, woollens and rich, patterned throws to stave off the ice outdoors.

Winter doesn’t have to mean cold and icy, it can mean comfortable and cosy if you add to your interiors effectively, so give yourself a space you’re excited to come home to!