Try An Interior Design Taster Session

If you’ve never employed an interior designer before, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed by the concept. At Hannah Barnes Designs we get contacted by people who are at a loss with their interiors, but who don’t really know what to expect when hiring an interior designer. Fortunately, for these circumstances, we now have the “Interior Design Taster Session.”

An interior design taster session gives you to the chance to speak to Hannah about your likes, dislikes and ideas for your home. Hannah will then gather ideas, colour swatches and samples, based around this brief chat. She will present them in your home, giving you a chance to see how professional assistance could help you instantly transform your living environment.

DIY disasters

Lots of people have great ideas for their home designs but lack of experience. This combined with DIY skills that aren’t quite up to scratch can mean that your grand plans don’t turn out the way that you had hoped. In this situation, you can be left feeling annoyed but having spent a significant amount of cash. In the worst case scenario, you might then have to pay someone to come and put it right.

Essentially, hiring an interior designer helps you get it right first time, so you don’t waste precious time, energy and money on your project. This is the ideal solution if you are busy with work or family too, as it takes the pressure off, yet allows you to benefit from fantastic results that are based on your own tastes.

Innovative ideas

Another benefit of hiring a professional interior designer like Hannah Barnes is that due to years in the industry she has built up a bank of trusted experts in everything from plastering to painting, so you don’t have to trawl the yellow pages for tradespeople. Hannah can point you in the direction of beautiful and unique furniture and furnishings, showing you how to use these pieces within your space to create the maximum impact.

Professional interior design allows you to create a home with a difference. One that is totally you, and simultaneously uses the space practically and to the best possible advantage.

Hannah Barnes offers interior design to the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas. Book your interior design taster session for just £199 with Hannah Barnes today.