Warm Up Your Conservatory For Winter

Conservatories can be a welcome addition to the home, providing a great outside-inside area that allows you to easily add floor space. However, if you already have a conservatory it may sometimes seem like more of a hindrance than a help – too hot in summer and too cold to be any use in winter. If you’re the owner of a conservatory that becomes almost unusable in the winter, it can be reassuring to know there are things you can do to change this.

  1. Address the ceiling

The coldest conservatories are those that feature plastic roofs, because heat rises meaning when it isn’t insulated the majority of the heat escapes through the ceiling. Replacing this with a modern glass roof with a low U value can help you retain heat. Alternatively, insulating or replacing the ceiling with a tiled roof can be a good option – though this can be costly. 2. Look at the flooring Tiled flooring is cold but underfloor heating can rectify this. But do remember that any heating will be expensive if there is no insulation in the ceiling as the hot air will only escape. Carpeting and rugs are another option for making the conservatory warmer for your feet. 3. Heating Heating is a necessity throughout every room of the house, especially during the winter months and the conservatory is no exception. You may choose to run the central heating into the conservatory, or an easier option is to install an electric wall heater. For something show-stopping, consider a woodburner, but make sure it is installed by a professional.