When Less Is More

As we travel through life it’s only natural to accumulate extra possessions. Family and friends give gifts that find their way onto shelves and bookcases, we pick up objects of both function and beauty ourselves, and before you know it your home is bursting at the seams.

It’s a common problem – what do you do with all your stuff?

The main problem with possessions is that they can clutter up a home, making your space feel smaller, less organised and more stressful. However, you’ll certainly be able to understand the attachment you make to items, whether they’re things you use on a daily basis or things that hold a sentimental value. But when is enough enough and how do you organise the bits you can’t bear to be rid of.

  1. Out with the old

All too often the problem with clutter starts with not really understanding what you have in your possession. For example, if you’ve ever entered an attic or garage and not known (or cared) what lies within, you probably have too much to cope with.

The first step to the trendy minimalism of the home style magazines is simply to adhere to a less is more approach. Sort your stuff into things you need, and get rid of that which you don’t. Sell it, donate it or bin it. But don’t simply take up valuable space with that which you no longer require.

2. Store it up

Once you’ve reduced your possessions you can go about creating storage for what’s left. Consider how much storage you will need and in which areas of the house you need them. Got a lot of books? Then shelves are a must. Interested in flavoursome cooking? Consider organising all those utensils using wall hooks, or creating a rack for your spices.

3. Be creative

Some of the most minimalist homes utilise space in the most creative ways. That might include integrating shoe storage into your staircase or investing in a built in laundry storage unit with space for everything from the vacuum cleaner to the ironing board. Drawers within wardrobes can be a great way to organise your bits and bobs seamlessly and effectively.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to your organisation can be incredibly useful in creating a stress-free minimalist haven within the home.