“When Should I Contact An Interior Designer?”

“When should I contact an interior designer?” is a question we hear from time to time from prospective clients, particularly those considering enlisting professional help. In short, the answer is as early as possible in the process. By asking for help at the beginning of the project, we can help you to plan and prepare for your redesign in a calm and collected way, without rushing or making rash decisions. This helps you make the right decisions for your home and your household, and because every design scheme we create is unique, it allows us to take the two-to-three weeks we need to create your innovative and bespoke design scheme. By involving us early, you also benefit from the ability to live with the design scheme we create for you for a week at least before making a decision on anything from textiles to colours. It really matters to us that you have the time and space to make your choice. We don’t want any of our clients to feel rushed about the process. “What if I’m extending my house?”   If you are planning an extension, we can still help, and once again it is a good idea to get us involved early on. We can help you in terms of ensuring you maximise the space and light available, in addition to helping you make the best possible use of your budget. By staging the design throughout your extension’s development process, we can ensure your space works as it should. “What if I want to sell a property rather than live in it?” We do get enquiries like these, from people looking to give their property the edge and help it stand out and sell more quickly. This will probably require a solution that keeps the personal touches to a minimum, but it can help to determine the best areas to spend money on, thus making the most effective use of your budget. Wherever you are in the design process, and however you plan to use our services, whether it is planning an extension, to create that extra living area your family craves, or to help sell your property more quickly, we can help. Contact Hannah Barnes for a free design consultation today or check out more advice about interior design.