Why Use Natural Materials In Your Home

Going natural, or organic, is a trend that’s moved from the kitchen to encompass the rest of the home, as more and more of us uncover the benefits of using natural materials.

Within home design, the use of natural materials boasts many benefits, some of which go beyond the aesthetic properties – and there are undoubtedly many ways natural products can look good.

Naturally good looking

Raw materials such as unfinished wood, stone and wool look fabulous. They make a home feel warm and inviting, offering rustic qualities that you simply cannot achieve with new materials such as plastic. Green plants bring life into the home, as well as a blast of colour that can’t fail to look pleasing whether set against neutrals or bolder weaves and prints.

Natural materials such as wood or stone are also extremely hardwearing, so they may last you a lifetime – in many cases, this is worth the initial extra outlay because you don’t need to keep changing these timeless pieces. And that brings us on to our next point.

The environment

Instead of working against the environment, your natural home can work with it – longer-lasting pieces mean less wastage of the Earth’s natural resources, and replacement of those taken for the home.

Looking for the mark of sustainable forestry (FSC stamp) ensures sustainable management of our natural resources. Forestry.gov states: “FSC/PEFC certification for sustainable forest management means that our forests supply responsibly produced wood, Christmas trees and venison. The management of all our land is done in such a way as to maintain biodiversity and natural ecological processes, as well being socially and economically beneficial.”

Many man-made materials are created using chemicals that damage our environment in ways you might not even realise. They’re not just bad for the planet either, there are growing concerns about how detrimental these materials can be for our health.

Our health

Natural materials are just that – natural. Other products contain chemicals which you might not even realise are there. Your mattress, for example, could contain significant amounts of volatile organic compounds, which are released as you sleep. These VOCs include phenol, neodecanoic acid, formaldehyde and linalool. Some of these chemicals have been linked to asthma, allergies, and cancers. The option here is to choose an organic or wool and latex mattress. These are improving in comfort and prevalence all the time, so they’re not too difficult to get your hands on and you can still guarantee a good night’s sleep (without the unwelcome formaldehyde!)

Considering a natural look for the home? Natural materials don’t just look great, they’re potentially beneficial to health, wellbeing, and the environment. Explore natural options for your home with Hannah Barnes today.