Interior Design Project in Heald Green


Having previously completed Kevin and Dawn’s Living and Dining rooms we were asked to design their Master and Spare Bedroom also their storage room.  Kevin and Dawn like bright, bold, vibrant colours along with their love for Oriental design.  In their Master Bedroom we used digital artwork  showcasing a bold pink orchid, luxury tactile fabrics in metallic greys and a showstopping oversized purple headboard with uplighting behind for that little extra luxury.

They wanted their Spare Room to have a very relaxed, luxury oriental feel.  We kept the colours fairly natural in this room adding a beautiful golden wallpaper with delicate trail patterning to the ceiling, as a little surprise for their guests to admire from the leather bed.

“Having already commissioned HBD to rejuvenate the downstairs of our house, we were so pleased with the outcome that we decided to have the porch, hall, stairs, landing and bedrooms revamped as well. It only seemed natural to ask Hannah what could be achieved elsewhere. Having already picked up on our style of décor Hannah formulated unique ideas for the upstairs rooms. Along with some our own thoughts, we now have what is to us, a “new” home that we are more than proud of, to both live in…….and show off!  Hannah was very re-assuring throughout the process and the people she employs to carry out the work are very professional and respectful of the fact that it is your home! Without having contacted Hannah, we would never have thought of what might be achievable. All of this both within our required budget and timescale. So it’s a big thumbs up and thanks to Hannah and her team!”

Kev & Dawn Johnson, Heald Green 2015

“Its always fun to create designs for clients like Ken and Dawn, who love bold, bright interiors, as it allows me to be even more creative with my ideas.  The wallpaper on the ceiling adds a bit of quirkiness and an added layer to the spare room, without disturbing its relaxing vibe, and their master bedroom truly reflects their personalities” – Hannah

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Photographs by Joe Gardner Photography


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