3 Ways To Free Your Kitchen From Clutter

Whether you use your kitchen for cooking, eating or entertaining, this is a room that is so prone to clutter, largely because it’s in constant use. If you’ve ever wandered around a kitchen showroom or showhome, lovingly touching the surfaces but thinking “how long would this stay pristine in my house,” you’re most certainly not alone.

Careful planning and well-executed storage options can transform a room of chaos into an environment you’re happy to live in. If you’re looking for a way to liberate your worktops from pens, letters, recycling, kids paraphernalia and more, read on to find some top tips.

1. Organise your cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are home to copious quantities of clutter, and no, just because you can close the door and hide it, it doesn’t mean it’s clean. You’ll need to devise a plan for what goes into each cupboard and stick to it. Drawer and cupboard dividers can help you here, especially if you’re storing several different types of crockery in a cupboard.

2. Get a clutter basket

Invest in a good looking basket or bucket of some form and pop it in the place where your clutter tends to accumulate. Train yourself (and your kids. And your other half) to put items in this basket rather than on the sides. Empty the basket once a week and ruthlessly bin/recycle whatever items you don’t need.

3. Sort out your recycling

Don’t get us wrong, recycling is beneficial for all of us and it’s great local councils are starting to do their bit to help towards a greener future. But… how annoying is recycling? You either need a lot of floor space for multiple bins or your worktops quickly become covered in an assortment of plastic bottles, jars and cardboard boxes.

When redesigning your kitchen to minimise clutter, make recycling a key consideration. After all, you’re likely going to be doing it for the rest of your life. Under-sink bins with a split capacity enable you to sort your rubbish and keep it hidden from view – ideal for freeing up your surfaces.

If you’d like further information about ways to re-design your kitchen, please contact the team at Hannah Barnes Designs. We’re more than happy to help.