4 Kitchen Update Tasks You Should Leave To The Professionals

Manchester kitchen design project Yes, DIY can save you cash, but it can also be the cause of endless disasters in the home. Nowhere is this more true than in the kitchen. This is a room that incorporates electricity and water in close proximity, as well as powerful appliances, sharp blades and open flames. Simply put; there are some tasks that are better left to the professionals. Here are our top 4. Hardwiring the cooker Cookers use a great deal of electricity and often use too much power to be plugged into a typical socket. If you haven’t got the experience or qualifications to hardwire a cooker into the mains, do not attempt it. It’s dangerous. Make sure you hire a qualified professional to complete tasks like these. Worst case scenario is that you, your family, and your new kitchen could go up in smoke. Best case scenario is that your new appliance’s warranty will be invalidated. Use of space It seems so easy but there are a range of restrictions on space that apply in the kitchen. For example, there are the safety concerns such as how close the hob can be to the cooker hood and wall-mounted cupboards. Plus, there is the question of practicality – “I installed a kitchen island and now I can’t open my fridge door fully.” Not to mention, of course, the overall look and feel of the kitchen. You might only realise how it could have been improved after completing the project. Make it easy for yourself by hiring a professional interior designer to help you determine what is and isn’t possible in your space. Gas connections Cooking on gas might be your preference but it’s vital gas appliances are installed by a registered Gas Safe engineer. You can check whether your engineer is Gas Safe registered here. Mounting wall cupboards Mounting wall cupboards isn’t always straightforward, especially if walls and ceilings aren’t all perfectly perpendicular. Following the line of the ceiling can easily result in wonky wall cupboards and tins of beans crashing to the floor every time you open a door. Not sure you have the right skills? Ask the professionals and get it right first time. Need help with anything from interior design to installing appliances? At Hannah Barnes Designs we work with a full complement of professionals to ensure the end result is beautiful. Meet our team here.