Designing Your Kitchen

There are many methods to designing your kitchen. You can wander round DIY stores for hours, you could use online 3D planners. You could look at worktop after worktop, door after door, floor after floor and still be undecided about your kitchen of choice.

That’s why  so many people choose to enlist the help of an interior designer when planning their new kitchens.

The best kitchens work with the space you have available, and cater for how you will be using the room. For example, is cooking your passion or your livelihood – or do you prefer to microwave pre-cooked meals from M&S? Do you want a homely family atmosphere in the kitchen, or would you prefer a room you can close off to contain cooking smells and noises?

All these things are aspects of contemplation we can help you with as professional interiors designers – help you won’t get from non-specialists at DIY stores who have never seen your home or got to know anything about your lifestyle.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Planning the kitchen is something of a conundrum in the household, largely because the decision is something that has to involve likes and dislikes (sometimes of several people), the quality of light in the home (natural or artificial?), the general layout of the house (do you want to knock down walls etc) and current trends (if this is something that bothers you).

Left to their own devices, many homeowners delay these decision-making processes because they have so many other elements pulling at their focus – work, family, other commitments, for example. Or, on the other hand, they make decisions they regret when the kitchen is installed.

At Hannah Barnes Designs, we can help you narrow down your options, so many months aren’t spent going back and forth on decisions over cream shaker style or cream gloss. We can help you make decisions quickly and with relative ease, by ensuring you are aware of the pros and cons of each element of the kitchen.

Take a look at some of our kitchen designs below to see examples of work we’ve completed in the past.


DSC_3710 - Copy



Manchester kitchen design project