Sensational, Efficient Kitchen Design For Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when great kitchen design really comes into its own. You might use it solely for cooking, but more often than not this is a multi-function room used for everything from chatting over a coffee to dining with family or helping kids with their homework at the breakfast bar or kitchen table.

At Christmas, if you’re hosting the big dinner or planning a party, a great design can make life far easier, not to mention garner some lovely complements.

Open plan kitchen design


More and more people are choosing to open up their kitchens and integrate them with the rest of their homes, and at Christmas this can offer a great use of space. No longer is the cook holed up, spending Christmas Day alone slaving alone over a hot stove; instead whoever’s cooking can be part of the conversation.

Ease of use

When designing a kitchen to cook in, it makes sense to make accessing ingredients, utensils and appliances as efficient as possible. Don’t for example, place your fridge miles from the cooker, or plan a room chock-full of the latest appliances but no storage for pots and pans.

The cooker

Great-looking kitchen design at Christmas can become the central focus of your home. The traditional view has often including a rambling range cooker as the highlight of the room. This may be your taste, but today there are numerous other options that offer equally as much cooking space but fit with your room.

Separating the oven and hob is a popular option for kitchen where space is at a premium. This allows you to integrate your oven into a tower block for a streamlined effect that’s half the width of a range. However, if you’re still hankering after a six-burner hob, you can fit this onto what would be work surface, with cupboards beneath to maximise storage.

Christmas kitchen decorations

Christmas design

While your tree is more than likely in your living area, there’s no reason why Christmas can’t spill over into your kitchen. Springs of holly, a tasteful Christmas bouquet, and garlands adorning fireplaces are the ideal festive addition to any kitchen.

Get ready for Christmas, and don’t forget your kitchen design. Speak to Hannah Barnes for a free kitchen design consultation.